How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Business

In 80% of small businesses, printers are required for the business to function. When printers fail, businesses rush to fill the gaps with reactive purchases. The problem is the type of printers these businesses are buying. Many small and medium businesses buy consumer-grade printers and overwork them. Instead, they need a business printer that’s capable of handling higher demands.

Every industry has a different printer demand. In law offices, 240 pages may get printed every day. In healthcare, that number may be 178 pages. Accountants print significantly less at about 36 pages per day. In all these scenarios, the business’s printer is being used far more than a printer at home would be. 

Most small business owners wished printer companies understood their needs better. Nearly 70% of small business owners have a difficult time sourcing reliable office supplies, including printers. For those who have internet-connected printers, the majority are unsecured, leaving the business vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

Some possible solutions include shopping directly from the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer tends to have a wider selection and offer more support. Laser printers tend to offer better results than inkjet. Give your printer a password to protect it from cyber criminals online.

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought

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