Utilizing a Network of Influence

Students, professionals, and organizations can benefit from having an influence network. Alumni networks provide opportunities to conduct informational interviews with established professionals, gain assistance in career changes, obtain promotions, and access exclusive resume reviews, and jobs. These networks also produce true community and meaningful relationships as well as access to experts and discounts for various activities. 

Colleges and corporations are invested in creating strong alumni networks, although their goals do differ. For companies, investing in strong relationships can lead to measurable benefits, such as a great increase in product innovation and revenue for each employee. Colleges, on the other hand, are able to obtain more funding. 

Data shows that an engaged alumni can provide a 10% increase in brand opinion. Businesses that can engage alumni also see about a 44% increase in net new business. Networks can even help with gaining investments for startups as well. In fact, investors are more likely to fund startups created by a founder from the same alma mater. A VC Investments study showed that about a third of investments had the founder and investor attend the same university. 

In order to properly create and use a strong alumni network, you need to stay involved, possibly by providing updates or sharing your career expertise in alumni events. Colleges and corporations can also do a better job of maintaining a robust alumni network by creating more alumni-centered strategies that are beneficial to the members, serving the needs of all alumni, and designing mobile-friendly content. Keeping an eye out for opportunities to get involved as much as possible and giving back to your alumni network can help you reap the rewards in the future.

The Power of Influence Networks
Infographic provided by: AcademicInfluence.com

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