Jobs Of The Future Will Be Based On Creativity

Work is changing as many workers aren’t satisfied with their current traditional jobs and are looking for remote alternatives. Knowledge workers, such as software developers and writers, are quitting their jobs for not being allowed to work from home. More than half of workers would switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home and the vast majority are happier when they do so. Remote work gives employees more flexibility, giving more time for family and friends, increased savings, and better general morale.

As AI continues to develop, it’s taking over more of the menial tasks, making skills for creativity and human relationships even more important. This emphasis on these skills makes keeping employees healthy and happy vital for a functioning business. Workspaces with a focus on employee wellness will become more common in this future of work. Nap rooms and pet days might sound more than a little gimmicky and ultimately useless, but with such a reliance on creativity, ideas like this may not be as ridiculous as they first might seem. 
Learn more about how the future of work relies on person to person relationships and how to be prepared for the future we’re heading towards here.

Jobs Of The Future

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