Shopify Vs Woocommerce Market Share – Comparison 2019

Today the world is so fast that you have to make timely decisions in order to compete and survive in the modern world.  Online world provides you many options to make your decision an easy one. If you are a businessman or you have some stunning business ideas in your mind and you are in search of an online platform to sparkle your business or business ideas then I recommend you to go to the two top online business marketing platforms and they are; Shopify and WooCommerce.

Well, it is a difficult task to decide that which of the platform is the best one, as both them have stunning features and services that always satisfy the customer. But here, in this article we are going to throw light on some special features of both the marketing platforms that make your decision easier to decide that which one is the best… you need to focus on the following fields before making your decision.

Which one suits your needs better? Which one is more cheap and costly? Which one has got the best features? Which one provides you with more flexibility? Which one provides an easy criterion to work with?

Main Features of Shopify :


Shopify has specially designed store templates more than 50. This means that shopify provides you with a verity of templates that gives you a wide space of selecting your own desired templates that suites your individual taste. Above that there are 10+ free templates as well, and all of themes have got splendid variations.  The special thing about these themes is that they are all mobile responsive and having different coloring options. But there is one aspect that must not be over-looked and that is that , you cannot make these designs on your own. For this you have to concern a professional web designer.

The pricing structure of shopify:

Everyone wants to earn more with little expenses. Now if you want to select the best one of both of them you will have to survey their pricing structure. So, the pricing structure of shopify is very simple. You don’t have to go for domains and hosting, as shopify provides you a single, out-of –the-box solution which contains just a few pricing packages. This you all have to do for getting a well designed online Ecommerce store. The store that will have everything you wish to. It’s an easy way to have a good online store with shopify.

Some Special Features:

As we know that both them are different from each other and also have different soft ware to install in order to get going with them. But there are some significant offers that shopify offers are more attractive as compare to woocommerce. Shopify facilitates you in the following aspects in the at the start.

  • Provides you unlimited products
  • Facilitates you in unlimited file storage
  • Creation of manual order
  • Provides you discount codes
  • A facility of mobile commerce optimization
  • Editable HTML and CSS
  • Credit card payments
  • Facilitates you with Facebook selling module
  • Daily backups
  • Provides you different product variations
  • Physical and digital products in the store
  • SEO- ready site structure
  • Print orders
  • Gift cards

And many more that you always looking forward to. An easy choice to make your own business. Go with shopify.

The main advantage is Easy to use:

When we talk about online competition the thing that really matters is how the user handle the site, in other words how easy is the site to use. In this regard shopify provides an excellent facility by making the site so easy to use. Shopify provides his users to a subscription based-online tool that is very easy to get on with. All you have to do is to just visit and then click the sign up button. you can get an easy access to the dashboard after getting through the initial wizard. This not only saves the time of a user but also saves him from a continuous headache of buying domain and hosting.

Support that ensures by shopify:

If you are in search of an ecommerce marketing place where you want complete support from the platform then you have to go with shopify. Why I am suggesting you shopify because they can provide you a technical support because it is considered one of the top ecommerce market place regarding customer care. You can easily access any of the customer adviser 24/7 for any issue you have via different medium like email, live chat or phone call.

Now on the other hand WooCommerce, has some outstanding features that enforces his users to have it and continue with it for a long time. Now let explore those features and then allow you to make your decision on the basis of these features.

Main Woocommerce Features

As for as the beauty of the design is concerned of the woocommerce so it is designed in such way give you the freedom to select any theme you like to go with and show case your items to the world. As we know that this is a plugin site that is developed by the develpors from woocommerce themes which means that it does not deliver any special theme to the users but they can choose their own theme from wordpress. Woocommerce only provides you an online ecommerce platform.

The pricing structure of woocommerce:

The pricing structure of woocommerce is very simple. It is an open source plugin software that is absolutely free. But it can cause you some additional charges in the form of domain name, hosting and SSL Certificate purchasing. But that is one of the essential thing whenever you join any of the platforms they must cost you some charges in order to maintain their working in smooth way.

Special features:

As we know that woocommerce is an open source software and allowing third party which can create you various extensions and plugins and that third party is wordpress. But still woocommerce provides you many interesting and exciting offers. These offers are;

  • Selling physical and digital products and also good for affiliate marketing
  • Payments can be made via PayPal and stripe built-in
  • Adjustable shipping rate and taxes
  • It offers mobile friendly structure
  • Unlimited products and product categories
  • Complete control over your data
  • You can work with your present wordpress theme
  • Free Facebook add and store

And many more. So, all you have to do is to just apply for this and under way you business.

Easy to use:

Woocommerce is very easy to use. As we all know that it is basically a wordpress  plugin, so you have to do a few things before you start working with woocommerce. There is a list of the steps you must go through before get going with woocommerce.

  • First of all you have to purchase a domain name
  • Then you have to sign up for hosting.
  • After that you need to install wordpress
  • Finally you have to install wordpress theme

After passing through all these steps you will be able to start your online work with woocommerce.


It also support their customer in a good way but unfortunately, its support is not as straightforward as shopify. In other words you can say that whenever you want get support you can only get through wordpress forums.  However, the woocommerce team enables every single user to create their own account over at and support there.

That’s what all we brought for you and now it is up to you whether you go with woocommerce or shopify. Both of them have their features and limitations as well. I think you must choose the one that satisfies your needs in a better way.

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