Top 5 Best TV For Gaming PS4 Pro – Users Guide 2019

If you are a gaming hunter and want to play games for relaxation then you need excellent gaming tools that provide you with everything that need to get relaxation. But the selection of bad tools may lead you to a boring condition rather than providing you with relaxation. You need powerful tools in order to get best results. Now what do need for having good time with your favorite game? Obviously, a powerful CPU, a top class gaming mouse and other gadgets, but the most important aspect that is overlooked, is the interface provider device I mean LCD/LED.

Now, one may think that what kind of qualities should we seek for, while selecting a good gaming LCD/LED. So the following things must be look for before owning an LED/LCD.

Resolution:  The most important figure that needs to be taken in consideration is to select an LED with good resolution. Always go for full HD resolution because it gives you clear picture of the environment.  This not only develops interest but also give you a clear vision to make timely moves.

Brightness: The next thing you must be looking for is the brightness factor. As much as the LED is bright the interest in the game increase rapidly. On the other hand brightness will be at its full sewing if it is packed with a quality contrast because both of them work against each other but help one another as end result.

Lag: The one thing you don’t want while playing one of your favorite games is delaying a move when you are at make and break situation. In order to avoid this lagging you need to the best available options.

So we are preparing a list of 5 best 4k LEDs to help you selecting the best one among them.  Thoroughly read the passage to make your decision easier.

1. Samsung Q9FN QLED TV Series, A Gaming Born

One of the best LED TV, which provides you with so many friendly gaming facilities. It is a 65- inch gigantic display that gives complete view. The important thing about the set is that its screen filters do not allow the surrounding light to affect the picture quality. The bright and contrast are amazing that even in dark you will enjoy clear vision. Though there are no visible speakers, yet the sound quality of the system is awesome. The set has an exceptional response time which is 12 ms. It means that you can make timely moves without any delay.

In short, this 4k LED provides you with an eye-catching picture quality, powerful and well-round sound quality which enhances the interest of a player and outstanding gaming features. Having all these exceptional features, the LED is also lacking in providing the same qualitative picture from different angles and of course,  the price is on the high end.

2. LG OLED65E8 65 Inch. The LG’s Flagship With OLED Display

LG has produced some spectacular LED display screens and that is one of them. In this LED set the most modern and latest technology is used that is known as OLED. As we know that the OLED technology found its feet in the gaming back in 2017 and has been producing outstanding products that has increased the brightness a great deal. But that is not the end, the LG has reached the next level by introducing the more advanced technology called OLEDE8 to inject more brightness qualities. Another thing to note is that in gaming mode it takes less than 20 ms to render images. The resolution we are going to get with this 65-inch gigantic display is 3840 x 2160 megapixels. So, we can say that it offers a wider range HDR support, outstanding contrast and high frame rate support. The price is at the upper node.

3. Philips 803 OLED

Philips has worked a lot on its 2018 OLED to develop it in to a significant one. This new technology is now called Philips 803 OLED technology. The new upgraded technology has greatly improved contrast and colors of the LED. Another thing that is introduced into the set is the second generation P5 image processor that give you double improved images than its previous one. The images now with this improvement, looks realistic.

This 55 inched Philips 803 OLED is a mid-range device.  This is enough display size for a mid-range. As a mid-ranger this set will cost you less than the above mentioned LEDs. Some positives about the LED TV. The device will give you

Excellent image performance, three sided Ambilight and extraordinary look. But there are some negative points as well. The set will not provide you with multiple view angles and Only two full-spec HDMI inputs.

4. Samsung NU8000 4K LED TV

This is one the best mid-range match that has been ever produced by Samsung with such brightness and decent colors. This 55 inched LED will surprise you with its amazing colors and attractive brightness. Most of us look for affordable yet competitive T V sets. Fortunately it carries both the qualities. Being a mid-range it will cost you little and on other hand, it will give you 100% performance. Its HDR Plus mode will serve you as good as you expect from a flagship. Now let’s have a look at its positives.

  • This 4K LED TV will provide you with HDR+ Mode in order to solve color and brightness problems.
  • Its amazing color display will always attract you.
  • The most important thing is its price which is amazingly affordable.

On the other hand it also has some limitations, for instant.

  • The set has an issue with its motion execution. It has bit more delay in performing a task as compare to the flagship. I think that is the one limitation which can be overlooked. Overall it is an outstanding product and will be pleasure to have it.

5. Sony KD-XE85 Series

Till now we have been talking about flagships and mid-range LEDs. All of the above are good choices for someone who has no problem with the budget. But if you insufficient amount to meet the above so you need to worry about anything because the Sony KD-XE85 will provide you everything that you are looking for. This one of the entry-level 4K TV with smart features and low price appealing it to be the number one choice for most the game-lovers. As for as the light is concerned, it is a 55-inch matt that provides you with beautiful colorful display.  The picture quality is awesome. This outstanding colorful display makes every segment of the game and attractive and interesting.

The average lag time of this LED is 21 ms but sometimes it reaches 50 ms. But this not the issue because the set also struggles with its brightness. Overall it’s an excellent 4K TV. It is affordable, having a catchy design and a large display setup.

What we have presented till now, are the sets that everyone has its own distinctive features and has positives and negatives. Some of them are providing you with excellent display but at the same time will hit you with high-end budget, some are mediocre with relatively good display and mid-range price and some are entry-levels with low price. Now it is up to you to choose according to your choice and budget.

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