Best Gaming Mouse For Fortnite You Should Buy

Time passes and brings new positive changes in our lives. The technology that has been considering high class just a few months ago in 2019 may not be given any importance in 2020. That is why we brought a new bunch of the best gaming mouse for Fortnite. Because everything in the world of technology must be up to date.

As for as the selection of the mouse is concerned, so it totally depends upon your mode the way you approach a game. if you are a serious gamer and want to play with so much enthusiasm and even lose your senses while playing then you need to have a heavy type of mouse like Razer DeathAdder Elite. If you are an occasional gamer and play only when you have spare time after duty time then you need some sort of lighter mouse-like Corsair Sabre RGB. In short, it is up to you to the best gaming mouse for your gaming unit. We are going to bring the best gaming mouse for Fortnite this ongoing year.

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite

If you want to pocket the best gaming mouse with so many positives then this will the best choice for you. You will not see any flaws regarding its shape and performance. The grip is outstanding and the keys are perfectly placed. The grip is nice that you will feel no tiredness playing for hours without any rest.

Let us talk about some of the facilities it offers to a gamer, the mouse comes with 16000 CPI  that ensures the maximum sensitivity of the mouse. Apart from having this high number of CPI, it also uses a sensor based on the PMW- 3389 by the sensor company called Pixart that will 99.4% resolution. It uses a USB interface. This six-button packed mouse will do the different functions for you to play the game with a lot of ease. It is specially designed for the right hand and the rubber made scroll ball will provide you enough grip to handle the scrolling in the best possible way.

The factors that go against the device are a few but still need to highlight. The first flaw that I found in this mouse is that its Driver needs to sign in. Another drawback is weight. It is a bit on the heavier side and in addition to it, the mouse has no weight adjustment options.

2. Logitech G903

This is one of the best wireless Gaming Mice. This high-end mouse has outstanding features that make the number one choice for the users.

It uses one of the powerful sensors called, PMW- 3366 sensors, developed by a well-known tech company Logitech. It works exceptionally well at high and low CPI settings. Though its CPI score is at the lower end as compared to the above-mentioned mouse. Though it presents you 12000 CPI, yet its performance is exceptional than any of the mouse on our list. It possesses a total number of 11 buttons that perform different functions and are mounted at different parts of the mouse for the convenience of a user. It is also designed for the right hand. The weight is on the higher side but still manageable. The only thing that is not good about this flagship is its price that is no doubt on the higher side.

3. Steelseries sensei 310

If you are in search of something affordable and lightweight then you don’t need to go anything else to for except Steelseries sensei 310. The CPI of the machine is 12000. It is a great one though the number looks a bit less than impressive. The weight of the mouse is 92 grams that are extremely lightweight. 8 buttons on the top and either side of the gadget will make it easy to play every task of the game without any inconvenience and lag. The most important thing is its ambidextrous shape. It means that this mouse is equally good for both hands. You can play games with any hand you feel comfortable with because its ambidextrous shape allows both the gamer whether he is a left handed or right handed player to play with a lot of ease. The small size of the mouse is the only flaw that can be noticed in the device. But this defect will only affect those people who have giant hands. This is the best possible choice available in the market at such a low rate with exceptional features and extremely lightweight.

4. Logitech G502 

The forth on the list but it does not mean that it’s a low-quality gaming mouse. The shape is outstanding and the features are attractive to become the number choice for a user.

A bit longer than a usual gaming mouse and slightly heavyweight as well. This is one of the best sensor packed mice available in the market. The main features included CPI 12000 which makes it competitive and its 11 button bunch make the playing criteria so easy. Again it is one of the mice that are specially designed for right-handed gamers. The 121 grams weight makes it a bit heavier and users show hesitation while selecting such a heavy mouse but that’s an issue because one can adjust the weight of the mouse by removing the pins at the bottom. There are some buttons on the left side that can be miss-clicked initially while playing a game but with the passage of time, this flaw can be overcome. Overall it is a good choice for those who love to play with a heavy mouse because for them weight does not matter.

5. Razer Naga Trinity

This is one of the best MOBA and MMO mice around the globe. The mouse has some outstanding features that will not you go away until you have a look at it. The gaming has a customizable thumb grip and packed with interchangeable arrays. All three panels have a different number of buttons. The first panel is packed with 12 buttons quite a lot for a mouse while the second one has 7 buttons and the third one which also the as the FPS type of panel only has two buttons. The mouse has a pinky hold that fits the palm very well. It has a DPI button right behind the scroll wheel. If we talk about the bottom, so the mouse has a profile button at the bottom in order to set the profile setup. An eight feet cable of the mouse gives you an option to sit away from the screen and play the game.  The design is a bit awkward, especially for the left-hander. But it won’t matter that much. Overall an excellent choice for serious gamer.

6. Logitech MX Vertical

Logitech seems to be the trendsetter around the globe by bringing new innovation to the gaming mouse world. It is always difficult to divert from the conventional way and introduce something new to the market. But Logitech made it so easy by launching a different looking MX Vertical mouse.

What is most important about this mouse is that this is the only mouse with a vertical shape that presents an extremely comfortable grip and equally good for both players whether he is right handed or left handed. The grip is totally different as it offers a handshake like a grip while the other mice offer pinky like grip. It has got two traditional buttons along with a scroll wheel on the right side. There two more buttons on the left side as well. It has a USB-C port at the front with helps the mouse to connect through a wire but it can work without wire as well. The battery life is exceptional, if the mouse is fully charged then it can work for almost three to four months. The CPI of the device is at the lower side which is 4000. It uses a laser as a sensor and the device is said to be on the heavier side. Only four workable buttons.

7. Corsair Ironclaw RBG

This is one of the best mice with massive CPI setup. The CPI that the mouse comes with is 18000. There is another thing important about the mouse is that it looks small on the naked eye but impressively fit the large hands. Well, its features are remarkable and the price is mind-blowing.

The top of the mouse has right and left click that feels very smooth on touching. The design of the right and left clicks are slightly concave that looks that not only look but also provide adjustability to the fingers. The Ironclaw has got seven buttons in total. As for as the scroll wheel is concerned, it is very soft and has some sort of wheel-like shape. The performance of the scroll wheel is very good. The cable is nice to see that is 1.8 meters long. Another plus point of the mouse is that it is very much plugged and play which means you don’t need to install any special software for it. Having all that positives there is a negative aspect of the mouse as well and that is due to its wire it feels a slightly heavier than one think. Overall it is an awesome mouse to play a game with. It is a very low budget as well.

8. Logitech MX518

This is one of the top class gaming mouse ever produced. Its previous version was also very awesome and the shapes of them are identical. So we can say that it is the technology which was taken into consideration. The design looks glassy and at first glance, you would think that it would be very slippery but its grip looks outstanding. Now let’s move toward the bottom, at the bottom you will find three mouse pads that ensure fraction and stop the mouse to move freely. If we talk about the buttons so you will notice that it has 8 buttons. Two buttons on the left side and both have different shapes like back button is slightly bigger as compared to the front button. The scroll looks very small and cheap as well. The mouse looks small but to the cable, it gains a bit weight. Overall a good choice to have.

9. Logitech G203 Prodigy

Till now we have been talking about the flagships and mid-range mice now it is the time to really get into the entry-level mice. Well, the above mentioned Logitech mouse is budget-friendly mice. It offers too much at an affordable price. It is very lightweight almost 85 grams. The shape is very small and the company claims to introduce an upgraded sensor in this new mouse but if we closely to G203 and its sibling G102 we will not be able to find any difference in their performance. It is available with 8 buttons, 8000 CPI that is at the low-end but still enough for an entry-level gaming mouse. Its 8 buttons are fully functional and responsive. The scroll wheel is not up to the mark. It is totally designed for right-handed players. Though the features do not look so promising yet it is very good at entry-level.


This is the flagship with a high price tag. It has some awesome features that may restrain you from thinking about other mice. Let us explore the features that you are looking for.

It will be a good choice for those who love to play with heavy mice. Its shape looks gigantic and will be going well with huge hands. It is a wireless mouse that looks awesome but if you want to make it heavier you can use the wire as well. It comes with a charger pad that will recharge the mouse you leave out. All you have to do is to just keep the mouse on the charger pad. The mouse contains one dozen programmable buttons and they all are completely functional. The mouse is very responsive. The shape is very easy and attractive. This is specially designed for those who has huge hands and love to play on heavy mice.

Well, that was all from the passage. I hope you would have got the information you were looking for. The list contains everything from flagship to entry-level, and from heavier to lighter. Some of them are very high-end regarding price and some are affordable. Now it is up to you to choose the one that suits you and feel comfortable with that one as well. You need to select the one that should meet your budget range as well. I hope you would have liked the passage. If you have some kind of query please inform us about that.

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