The Soaring Success of Supplements

The supplement industry is experiencing massive success and growth, but what is this industry really like?  Getting the down-low on the big business of supplements can help you navigate the industry as it continues to grow.  Already, more than half of the global population takes supplements.  In the US, every demographic sees a large supplement intake.  Standout stats include the 35-54 age bracket, 81% of which regularly take supplements. 79% of women take supplements, as do 74% of men.  Supplements are a big deal. 

Broad forces have led to the success of the supplement industry.  As the global population ages, more people turn to supplements.  Deaths due to illness and the overall global mortality rate are rising, which has prompted a boom in supplement intake.  COVID-19 has been a big contributor to the supplement industry’s success; in 2020 alone, household purchases of vitamins rose to 90%.

Scientists have made great strides in supplement-centered research.  Recent studies suggest that supplements can benefit our physical and cognitive processes, lead to high physical performance, and keep injuries to a minimum.  As new research emerges, more trust grows in the industry and supplement consumption increases.

Some of the supplement categories predicted to continue growing are pre-workout supplements, sleep gummies, Irish moss, and DTC supplements.  Many of these brands offer innovative ingredients that cater to a wide audience. 

Keep an eye on the supplement industry in the coming years; it will likely continue to experience growth, change, and increasing influence.

The Big Business of Supplements

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